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Ebook: Attachment Therapy, a body-mind perspective

This book (ePub format) is a must read if you support clients, or want to learn more about yourself and your own family. Emotionally focused couples work comes to life looking at early attachment. So do family issues! You can help parents look at their parenting impulses based on attachment styles and needs.


Infant needs shape behavior responses in the primitive brain. These underly child behavior and adult interactions. If you are supporting clients with intimacy or family issues, this book is a must read. It adds to your expertise when you look developmentally at the body mind influence on thoughts and behavior choices in intimacy and connection.

Learn how to:

  • Identify behavioral filters shaped by bodymind experiences from infancy
  • Assess and re-establish feelings of safety and connection 
  • Look at needs; how early unmet needs create need shock and form behavior templates
  • Use tools to interrupt "need shock" 
  • Address the neurobiology of attachment and "double bind thinking"
  • Repattern behaviors through compassion and release of shock
  • Heal attachment wounds from the inside out
  • 2 case studies of how these theories and methods work in real-life clinical practice.


My clinical practice experience spans over 3 decades. I've  worked with adults, children, infants, couples, and both children and adults who have been adopted. There is always a story beneath the behavior, and when you can recognize, listen, and repair the tissue level of early memory, you succeed in helping someone make lasting changes in behavior. 


Wouldn't you want that for all your clients?



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