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Annie Brook play therapy for birth trauma

"there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for Annie and her body of work. The birth patterns that were held in the cells of my body affected all of my relationships ~ I feel blessed to now have a large toolbox of resources and the somatic re-learning of memories my body knew but my mind and heart couldn't remember ~ all of my relationships transformed and I have a language and deep understanding with which to work with them from!" JR

"In Birth's Hidden legacy, Annie lovingly takes us through early imprints that underlie our adult connections, then provides practices for inner work on the path to deepening intimacy. Annie’s view into adult relationship is from the inside out and this book is a gem for all of us." 

Anna Penenberg M.A., healer and author of Dancing In The Narrows

Q: What do you mean about shock imprints and why does it matter?

Q: If I do all this work myself, what changes in my life?

A: Unwrapping shock patterns allows natural life force to flow through. You are better able to stay present in life when there is stress; the natural stressors of daily life. When there is increased stress, you have a sense of your habits and how to interrupt them and return to health. Eventually they release and integrate and life so so much easier! 

Q: How long can I access this material for study?