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Awakening the Creative Mind by Annie Brook

Crawling shapes the Brain!

A valuable tool for movement educators, parents, therapists, dancers and athletes!~ Also for brain injury repair.

  • Learn primitive reflexes to open frozen movement pathways
  • Think developmentally for full understanding of bodymind
  • Learn why finding Satisfaction is a bodymind skill
  • Repair patterns from a difficult birth, premature birth, or C-section.
  • Interrupt “scooching,” “army crawling,” or asymmetrical use of limbs.
  • Shape sensory motor learning.
  • In conjunction with a three-video set (available at Annie Brook's website) the book provides detailed instructions and explanations of each exercise and its role in re-patterning birth and infant trauma, and enhancing integration and connection to the body.


Writing Is Clear, With Useful Illustrations And Pictures From Conception to Crawling is a must gift for new parents! A wonderful gift to all of us who are interested in re-patterning imprinting from early trauma. “The concepts and exercises she presents are readily available and tremendously useful.” – Raymond Castellino, D.C., R.P.P.

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