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The Adoptive Parents Handbook

Don't let adoption destroy your marriage, existing family, 

or your sanity.


If you are the spouse of an adult who was adopted, this book can actually help you understand some of the nuances of relating with your spouse!


Adoption creates deep impressions. They are existential and relational, lodged in the primitive brain. They impact one's view of the world and of you as the "intimate mother or other."


This means you will sometimes feel confused by your adoptee's behaviors.

  • No matter what you do, you are wrong...not "good enough"
  • Dad is more liked than mom
  • The child cannot play by themselves; they are like a lightning rod for your attention
  • Your adopted spouse is always blaming you
  • You cannot feel empathy from your child or adopted spouse


Learn ways to deal with the inconsistency and fear that lives inside the adopted child's psyche.

  • Learn to de-escalate emotions
  • Interrupt latent power struggles and don't "take the bait"
  • Understand the "bad mother" projection
  • Learn to get off the fear/power triangle and help them too!


Adopted Child Behaviors can be Challenging,

Inconsistent, and Hurtful

Do you find yourself struggling as an adoptive parent? Are you tired of feeling isolated and discouraged?

We know how much you love your adopted child and understand how painful it can be when they direct their inner hurt towards you. Adopted children can unintentionally channel their past pain, fear, and uncertainty via aggressive or inappropriate behavior. Remember, it’s always okay to ask for help!


The Brook Institute’s Adoptive Parents Handbook is a great resource to help you understand your child’s perspective and provides tips, tools, and guides for how to navigate challenging situations.


Based on years of Annie’s groundbreaking therapy sessions with adoptive families, this eBook contains real-world practical applications that produces visible and lasting results.


Learn To recognize and interrupt the cycle of adoption frustration and despair today!



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